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Travel Agent in United Kingdom      Travel Agent in United Kingdom   Travel Agent in United Kingdom

Travel Agent in United KingdomTravel Agent in United Kingdom


Our Partners

We are partners with Global Travel Collection (GTC), a company that represents the largest and most sophisticated global community of travel industry agents. They are the fourth largest travel representative, serving luxury leisure, VIP corporate and entertainment travel needs worldwide.

We became a member of the Select Hotel Scheme when we became a partner of GTC. This gives us direct access to the hotels they represent across the globe. As LGBTQ+ Travel Consultants, we build strong relationships with our partner hotels so that they fully understand the needs of our customers.

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Preferred hotel partners

Hotels Selected With You In Mind

All hotels featured on our website are members of our preferred hotel programme. These hotels have been hand picked by us to ensure they understand our values when it comes to LGBTQ+ Travel. Some of these properties are also Select Hotel members which means you get added luxury and benefits. To book one of our preferred hotels contact us directly.


  • Hand picked by us
  • Hotels and resorts that understand our values
  • All LGBTQ+ Travel friendly
  • Select Hotel's offer exclusive benefits
  • Travel built with you in mind


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Select Hotels

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We proudly partner with Global Travel Collection (GTC). The US-based company represents five of the finest travel agencies in the UK, and countless more in the US and beyond. This gives us access to the 'Select Hotel Program', which gives our clients added benefits such as early and late Check out, Wifi, in house hotel credit, and Upgrades at check in (Subject to Availability).

Look out for our ‘S’ logo next to our Preferred Hotels for added luxuries and extras.

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   Preferred Hotels

Our Preferred Hotels have a 4/5* rating and are recommended by us here at Sashay Away Travel! The more flags a hotel has, the better we rate them.

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We are proudly a part of Global Travel Collection's 'Select Hotel Programme'. Look out for the ‘S’ logo next to our Preferred Hotels for added luxuries and extras.