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THE Boheme Mykonos "ouzo's" pizzazz  

Boheme Mykonos hotel slaps delicious design, flourishes with bold flashes of colour onto the lily-white island of Mykonos.

With the turquoise blue sea surrounding you, every day at Boheme is your absolute recreation as active or relaxed as you want it to be. Discover a unique mix of culture and nature, sumptuous landscapes, pristine beaches, and the bustling full of life area of Little Venice, inviting you to become an explorer of this vibrant island.

Practice an unconventional Bohemian lifestyle, involving musical, artistic and spiritual pursuits while becoming your own adventurer often in the
company of like-minded individuals. Just a few steps from the glitz and glamour of Mykonos, to your own personal space in which enables you to relax and slow down, Boheme offers something for every traveler’s taste.

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With inspirational design and relaxing ambience, along with a fascinating culture waiting to be explored, Boheme is an ideal base for wanderers
ready to embark on new adventures.

When inspiring dishes tell a new story with every meal, you know you are about to experience a unique culinary adventure. The enchanting
dish presentations at Bilo are inspired by the colors, scents, textures and sounds of the island, that are inclined to capture your mood. Take in the glittering views of the Aegean Sea and the theatrical sunset while the gentle breeze flows around you. Enjoy a quiet early morning coffee by the pool, and by the evening experience the local seasonal and Mediterranean cuisine, consisting of fresh and carefully selected unprocessed ingredients, delivered with care by the team of passionate experts. Lounge by the pool during the day with a refreshing drink in hand, and every evening around sunset, indulge in unique tailor-made cocktails or choose from a selection of interesting wines made from local grape varieties.

  • Sea View Suite - Imagine waking up in a double-bedded suite filled with natural light and surroundings that leave you feeling relaxed without a single care in the world. The private balcony of this suite offers iconic sea views during the blazing summer days, and a sunset view that brings a different kind of romance.
  • Honey Moon Suite - Picture yourself lounging on your private terrace and drifting off to sleep with the light breeze brushing through your hair under the reed awnings that allow just enough light to filter through. Open your eyes, take in the fresh air and finish off the day by taking a dip in your private jacuzzi on your terrace. The interiors of the suite feature an indoor sitting area with accented dashes of cobalt blue within white surroundings that fill in the room with warm natural light.The hotel meets the 21st century halfway – replacing all lightbulbs with LEDs and the introduction of recycling initiatives ensure the hotel’s impact on the environment is minimal.
  • Grand Bohemian Sea View Suite - Let your imagination loose and experience the artistic and theatrical flamboyance of this open plan suite with an indoor sitting area and large outdoor spaces with interiors filled with natural and organic elements that add charm and warmth to each start of your day. Fall even more in love by gazing into the gorgeous sunset from your terrace with the fantastic views that will leave you in awe and captivate your spirit again and again.



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