Hi and welcome to our new website.

Our new site has more flow and more style, which only makes it more accessible for you, the customer.

As always, all of our hotels mentioned on our site have been handpicked, vetted, and selected by us to ensure they follow our beliefs, and they understand what we mean when it comes to inclusivity within LGBTQ+ travel. A number of our hotels are a part of the Select Hotel programme which, when booked directly with us. automatically grants you access to exclusive benefits such as: early/late check in and out; in hotel credit; and automatic room upgrades at check in.

The website has brilliant new features including, our online booking tool, quality images and information of our preferred hotels; and brand new and exclusive content which enables you as the customer to get an authentic feeling and understanding of what the property has to offer. Pair this with our streamlined website, you can effectively and efficiently find the right destination and hotel for you.

Sashay Away Travel is dedicated to vetting and adding hotels around the globe in LGBTQ+ supportive destinations. We will shortly be adding new local DMC’s to our portfolio so when you arrive at your chosen destination you will be looked after by local, knowledgeable guides and consultants.

Throughout the pandemic we have been working tirelessly to give you the service you deserve. The past 18 months has been tough, and we appreciate all support you have given, and will continue to grow as a reputable organisation for the community.

However, the next six months looks great, and we have so much to bring to the table and offer our clients present and future. It is imperative to stay up to date with current restrictions due to Covid-19 and we have the latest in customer care technologies so everyone can be aware if any changes are to arise. 

We continue to be leaders within the LGBTQ+ travel community, and we will continue to share our commitment towards the fight for LGBTQ+ rights through not only the services we supply but the foundations we continue to support and serve.

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Have a wonderful week, see you all soon, 

Adam, CEO